Poll No. 200

The latest poll on the Palestinian public opinion, prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali, revealed the following key results:

  • (62.3%) of the Palestinian public oppose the resumption of the peace negotiations with Israel.
  • (68.5%) oppose the Russian intervention in Syria.
  • (43.5%) are optimistic about the perspective of an eventual reconciliation between the two major movements, Fatah and Hamas.
  • (58.9%) are to various degrees discontent with the performance of the PA-president Mahmoud Abbas.
  • (50.1%) are of the opinion that the media coverage in the Palestinian Territories is not inflated.
  • (50.4%) are in favor of an outbreak of a third uprising (Intifada).
  • (42.1%) are in favor of a violent uprising, whilst (29.9%) favor, however, a  peaceful, popular uprising.
  • (47.8%) call for the resignation of the President Mahmoud Abbas.

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